Sunday, 15 September 2013

I Am An Atheist...

But that does not mean I think that the Quebec values charter is ok. I do not follow any religion and have considered myself an Atheist since age twelve.  That being said, one should be free to follow, worship and believe in anything or anyone they wish. You cannot tell someone they may not wear a turban, or kipa, or that the cross on their chain must be a specific size. Regardless of our religious backgrounds, and/or beliefs, we are all human, and I for one, will not sit idly by as people's rights are stolen from them, or their voices silenced. Hey, Ms.Marois,  you cannot shove people into a cookie cutter mold and make them fit into what you think they should be. Stop being such a cliche bully, and pick on the person in the mirror, that seems to be where your anger stems from. Quebec values're really playing it fast and loose with the term values.

Sign the petition HERE if you agree.
Also, take a look at what my friend, Mike Kane put together on Facebook HERE

Peace Everybody

Friday, 13 September 2013

Dear Deer, I'm sorry humans are awful creatures at times...

          THIS is deplorable. An innocent deer was murdered in British Columbia. It's crime? It was so friendly that it at times nuzzled humans. Conservation Officers feared that it would become unpredicatable and dangerous one day. So let me get this straight; humans have the right to kill an animal they think might become aggresive one day even though it has shown no proof of such, but we let people who actually are dangerous back onto the streets after what is usually far too small a fine or jail time? Wow. Just Wow.
          I really need to see it rain glitter and skittles right now to reinstate my faith in anything good.