Sunday, 4 August 2013

Shhh! Nobody say Bilingualism...

My Friends at Put Back The Flag ran a story on how  a mayoral candidate had to apologize or retract their statement of Montreal being a bilingual city.

Check out the video here;

 Retracting a statement of being bilingual?! RETRACTING?! Stand up and be proud that a city exists where people of all cultures, races, and walks of life co-exist. Whether you are gay, straight, English, French, Spanish, etc....IT DOES NOT & SHOULD NOT MATTER! These language laws seem to be getting more and more idiotic each and every day!!


  1. I can't believe that. The European countries where multiple languages are spoken as a matter of course must think that we are absolutely backward.....

  2. Half my family lives in Rome, and yes, they think it's ridiculous. They actually thought we were making it up when we described 'language police' to them!

    1. Just wait until Bill 14 comes up in the NA if you think we have problems now guys - these separatist hate tactics are going to make up pay big time when our homes, our businesses and our civil rights are going to be worthless. Get out and join any rallies you can to stop this hateful Bill from being adopted in any way, shape or form. Keep up the good work Christina - we must stand up against these language nuts or our minority groups and our respective communities will wither and die along with the money that they bring to the province.

    2. well put, my friend!
      Thanks, as always, for your awesome support!